Power Wash Your Way To A Prettier Home

powerwashMost people when they think about power washing, think about commercial car washes or the calamities shown on comedy TV shows or movies. The hapless homeowner rents a power washer, and then proceeds to do more damage than beautification and unfortunately, this is sometimes the case. Power washing can be one of those home improvement projects better left in the hands of the professionals. Here is some information on what power washing can do to improve the appearance of a home as well as well as what to look for in a power washing company.

A good number of homeowners when they think of cleaning the outside surface of their home will pick up the garden hose, give the exterior surfaces a rinse, and call it good and think it clean. Unfortunately, this method can do more harm than good as the wet surface is a great collector of dust, dirt, and grime floating in the air. Not only that, but the evaporated water will leave behind spots and minerals, making the surface look worse than before. These minerals can collect creating hard to remove stains like the ones found in bathroom showers. The same is true with most outdoor surfaces like fences and outdoor furniture, and while some companies offer soaps that can be applied with a garden hose, the best method is a three-step method that will penetrate, clean and protect, something most over the counter products can’t do.

After a few years of this build up the savvy homeowner will seek skilled help from professional power washers. While it is possible to rent power washing equipment, by the time the homeowner pays the rental and deposit, transports the machine back and forth and performs the job, many wish they had gone with the professionals in the first place. This doesn’t include the possible damage that can be caused by power washing equipment in inexperienced hands.

When looking for a power washing company, some things to consider are the methods used, the equipment used, and the training of the technicians so be sure to ask questions before signing any contracts. A good company will have a method that not only penetrates, cleans and protects the outer surface of the home, including siding, gutters, fences, and the like but does the cleaning in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. It is possible to spruce up the home without wrecking the surrounding foliage and fauna.

Power washing your way to a prettier home is possible with the right company. A smart homeowner will do their homework before letting any company loose in their home, but with the right company, your home can look better than it has in years.

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